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Jesus Diaz de Vivar 15/02/1978

Born in the south of Spain, raised in France, Jesus Diaz de Vivar has spent the majoirity of his still young life beetwen the theatre, fashion and the applied arts world,which obviously led to make him artist.

His gift for observation,his knowledge of the body language and a certain worship for the KABUKI theatre,have very soon developped in him an irriverent habit for dressing, make up and transform all the people, that beleiving been protected by a banal suit, finally see themselves revealed under a new light.

Raised by a father fond of flamenco dance, which he made him actively practice since the youngest age, and a chinise stepmother who tought him the precepts of the oriental philosophy, Jesus felt somehow pulled this way and that beetwen east and west. Mastering the classical techniques of the oil paint, he soon preferred to cencentrate his reseanch on the modern technologies , like video and in the work on artuglass, transparent and light as the middle age leaded glass windows.

Working as well on the support as on the ambiances,Jesus has developped two parallel yet indissociable universes of his creations: olfactives sculptures and the sound design.

Jesus is familiary called by his close spanish friends:" the gispsy of Versailles".

His art work,is always tatooed with a digital encoding process and not visible at the naked eye. Yet Jesus Diaz de Vivar is one of the rare contemporary artists to use his digital finger prints as signature, directly at the side of his logo and hand made signature.

His logo is the result of the creation of a carachter called Mosquito, for whom he imagine many and different fantastic adventures.


Sketch of Mosquito Jewelry.

His logo.



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